Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most trending word in the field of digital marketing, the reason behind this is that it helps a website to rank higher on the SERP pages list among your competitors, and an important thing is that it divided into two different parts i.e. Off Page & On Page.

Now, discussing about the main topic which is how an “SEO Audit” is done. A full website SEO Audit is basically a check or review of any particular website or any particular page of a website that they are ranking on the top 10 or lower than that, the errors which are identified helps in understanding that why the website or any related page of the website is lacking behind in the results.

What is examined in Website SEO Audit or Website Quality Audit?

  • Examining that the website for which the audit is being done is crawled by the crawlers of various search engines around the globe, along with keeping an eye that all the pages are being indexed, and fulfill all the guidelines of different search engines.
  • Examining the problems which arise due to lack of “ON” page SEO on any particular website and finding solutions to improve the overall score of the website or a particular webpage score out of 100.
  • Examining the problems which arise due to lack of “OFF” page SEO which includes link building analysis, it mainly includes improving the quality of the backlinks which are being made on other websites because if the backlinks are poor then the overall score out of 100 of any website will be low and it will not be displayed among the top 10 results.
  • Examining that the user that visits any website on any device the experience must remain same, i.e., any user who is opening any particular website on mobile, desktop, or laptop, the page loading speed and all the features of the website must work properly on each device.
  • Examining that the content which is on the website along with the content which is being produced for the backlinks is including the targeted keywords according to the need because it helps in optimizing the overall website and improves its score among the competitors.
  • SEO technical audit helps in examining the performance of the website from time to time because it gives a great to the digital marketers in observing and trying out new strategies to implement in the future to rank the site higher on the SERP page.
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Which technical SEO audit tools can be helpful in performing the audit?

  • Semrush is a website or a tool that performs free online SEO site audit of any particular website very quickly for both the aspects, i.e., ON and OFF page.
  • Google Analytics is counted among one of the important website audit report tool, because it provides accurate metrics of each page of any particular website and also helps in accumulating the data which processed and studied for improving the website’s or a webpage’s performance.
  • Google Search Console plays an important role if any individual is performing full site SEO audit, because it helps the auditor to examine that the specific website or its webpages are indexed and on which position they are appearing on the SERP page.
  • Google page speed insights is also counted among one of the tools which is used for creating a SEO auditing report for any particular website or a webpage because it provides the details about the page loading speed on various devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, and tabs, etc.
  • Google Schema Markup Testing Tool is very useful for helping the developers of any website because it helps them in resolving the error which is marked by the auditor in the coding of the website, and even helps in checking that the code which is used is error free.
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What is the importance of performing a full SEO audit?

Website or webpage audit are crucially important because one who owns a website just does not sit back and wait that the user will land on that particular website or on any webpage of the particular website. The process of ON and OFF page is performed so that one can rank their website among the top 10 competing websites that appears for a particular query which is searched by the user. Now, let us briefly understand the importance of SEO.

  • SEO, both ON & OFF page helps any website to create organic traffic, which is why one can find so many companies in the market which are only simply providing SEO auditing services to different website owners belonging from different niches in the market.
  • If any website do not work out on their ON and OFF page SEO then there are 90% chances that they will definitely loose the competitive edge in the market because the website will not be displayed in the top 10 SERP results or not even in the top 20.
  • Many website audit companies suggest their clients to keep an eye on the indexing or the website structure report on the webpages of any particular website, because improper indexing causes great troubles for the website to rank higher because improper indexing bounds the crawlers of different search engines to crawl properly on the entire website that affects the ranking.
  • The purpose of or the importance of SEO audit report is that it helps in keeping an eye on the overall website and mainly helps in avoiding the penalties which are implied by various search engines that are present, the reasons for penalties can be many like backlinks which are toxic, i.e., they have been created on low domain score or inappropriate websites, keyword stuffing is another reason, and likewise many more.

So, if we land to a conclusion then it can be seen that how important role a website audit report plays when it comes to the ranking of any particular website, it can also be seen that auditing of website helps in giving a competitive edge.