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Rewathi has tied up with more than a dozen powerful networks and hosting companies to provide complete array of affordable web hosting services.

Better security

The World Wide Web is an open playground for creativity. Unfortunately, such leisure is also available to the hackers who keep on devising new methods to steal your data.

Rewathi employs some of the powerful methods for security of the web hosting servers. We provide extended support from CloudFare, Spam Assassin and Spam experts at added costs.

Our integrated security at your account level will ensure you peace of mind.

Simplified CPanel Hosting

Do you feel the need of an easy to explore CPanel to manage your account? Rewathi firmly believes in the idea of simplicity for accessing various functionalities of web hosting. In case you get stuck anywhere, our customer executives are always just a call away from quick help at +91-7092662410.

Excellent customer care

Being humans ourselves, we acknowledge that no amount of written manuals can help you in times of desperate needs which is why our customer care team are always eager to help you out.  

Guaranteed uptime of more than 99%

98% used to be the benchmark of uptime couple of years ago. Rewathi wants to be forefront of providing absolutely reliable and cheap web hosting to its clients which is why we guarantee 99% uptime and more so in the Service Level Agreement for business purposes.

Your pages will load like a breeze

It has been reported that users browse away from the website if the page loading speed is more than 2 seconds.

We understand how important it is to engage the users, which is why our fast and reliable bandwidth will make your pages load like a breeze. No matter what the content is, Rewathi’s dedicated web hosting provides extreme surge in your page loading speed.

Highly affordable introductory pricing

We understand the need having a shared hosting server in the initial stages of your website which is why Rewathi has introduced highly affordable shared hosting server packages. To know more about the packages of the shared as well as for dedicated hosting from Rewathi.

Why Choose Rewathi for cheap web hosting?

With more than dozens of tie ups from reputed web hosting and bandwidth providers, we are able to provide reliability at extremely lower cost which most companies would charge stupendous amount of money.

If one network goes down, your bandwidth and web hosting will go along smoothly from the other provider. With so many providers available, you will hardly face a downtime.

Bucking the trend

The common perception that less cost equals poor services is bound to be changed with Rewathi’s cheap web hosting. Be it our web hosting or customer care service, you will have smooth sailing with Rewathi. Call us to know more about our tariffs for cheap web hosting.