ADA Compliance & Section 508 Compliance Services in U.S. alone

We understand Americans (U.S alone) with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance standards and we aim to make a proper website with fulfilling the standards. This is helpful in especially these sectors:


Website of banks and financial institution should be accessible by everyone. There are many visually impaired and deaf people who also need these services.


By fulfilling ADA compliance website guidelines, you can increase your sales. Electronic and Information Technology should be accessible by every user.


Government website needs necessarily to follow the web ADA compliance. Just to make sure that everyone can take the advantage of government services.

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How Can ADA Compliance be Beneficial for You?

You will get a Certificate of Accessibility. The success rate of the website will also enhance by using AI-powered technologies.

Necessary Sectors

  • Banking Sector
  • Insurance Sector
  • Financial Institution
  • Government Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Legal Service Provider
  • Local Semi Government Agencies

ADA Compliance

  • Alternative Text with Image
  • Captioned Audio and Media Files
  • Correctly Structured Data
  • Responsive Page Layout
  • Proper Color Contrast
  • Well Structured Forms
  • No Flashing Animations


  • Website Audit
  • Enhanced Traffic
  • Less Marketing
  • Improved Ranking
  • Better Experience
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Improved Functionality


  • Interesting UI
  • Custom Designs
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Better Color Contrast
  • Latest Practices Used
  • Enriched User Experience
  • World-Class User Interface

Healthy Website

  • Building Trust
  • Quality Plugins
  • Escalated Sales
  • Creating Brand Value
  • Increased Conversions
  • Proven Compliance Process
  • Less Marketing Expenditure
Make Your Website ADA Compliance Ready
Rewathi Innovations can assist you in fulfilling ADA compliance for website. This Americans with Disability Act is implemented to make all information technology accessible by all. Website owner don’t look forward to resolve this issue but it can be extremely beneficial for you.

Web ADA compliance is a legal requirement in today’s world. Our accessibility improvement team can help in checking the current accessibility of your web sites. Our web designers are qualified to make unique and innovative designs for your website. Along with fulfilling the requirements of WCAG 2.1 for ADA web compliance.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September 2010. These standards state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities. The ADA differs from Section 508 regulations, which are an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and apply to all information technology, including computer hardware, software and documentation.
What is ADA Compliance?

This ADA compliance is quickly becoming a necessary requirement for commercial and public business entities. Our team use ADA compliance checker and ensure your websites are satisfying all the requirements.


The main advantage of hiring our services is that you can get our services at an affordable price. Rewathi Innovations is offering affordable ADA compliance website design services to clients.


Rewathi Innovations is a creative and innovative web Development Company in India. We are a team of young and creative developers. Our professional experts create unique ideas to help you grow.


We ensure that your website is fulfilling every required guideline. Our team of young experts use highly recommend and the best result giving ADA website compliance checker tools.

Advanced Infrastructure

We are a custom web development organization with cutting edge foundation to make enormous scope ventures. We offer fast and simple correspondence with the best customer experiences.

Highly Skilled Team

Rewathi includes the team of developers, designers, digital marketing experts, SEO experts, content writers, and more. We have a team of professionals for website ADA compliance services.

Improved Performance

After satisfying the ADA compliance website guidelines. We also make sure that your website rank is good on top search engines and it is performing well in all other standards also.

How Rewathi Innovations can help with ADA Compliance?
Our accomplished, proficient website design staff can work with your association to convey an ADA website compliance solution. Rewathi Innovations has involvement with making an expert, custom web design that goes beyond making an available web design.
We are offering ADA compliance services at an affordable price. We convey a proficient website design solution that is a lot more than satisfying ADA website compliance guidelines.
What Are The Key Areas In ADA Compliance Website Guidelines?
Our ADA compliance services has many features included like, web accessibility for blind people, people with motor impairment, visual impairment and many more.
  • Website are well optimized for blind people using graphic reorganization techniques.
  • Built-in expression, color contrast adjustment, font adjustment, etc., for visual impairment.
  • Optimized for keyboard navigation for the people who are suffering with motor impairment.
We Are Happy To Hear You

    Grab the Best Services and Be On the Top
    If your website is not fulfilling ADA compliance, you are putting a stop to millions of visitors. They are not able to reach and enjoying a beautiful experience on your website.
    • We ensure your website is providing a great user experience (UX) with enhanced web accessibility.
    • Millions of people are suffering with visual disability, hearing disability, cognitive disability and more.
    • ADA compliance services can boost user experience, website relevancy and encourage user to spend more time.
    Leading Website ADA Compliance Service Provider
    Checking your website ADA compliancy is the best practice to obey with both ADA and 508 standards. Rewathi Innovations can provide the best possible user experience for all website visitors. According to a survey, roughly 15 percent of the world’s population are living their life with some disabilities. Don’t lose your business and get your website ADA compliance ready now.
    Our service is very reliable and can give you outstanding results.
    People living with disabilities can easily operate your website.
    More Users
    An ADA compatible website gains more traffic as compared to normal.
    Easy Navigation
    Website can be keyboard navigated which is easy to use for disabled users.
    Fulfill ADA Compliance and Boost Up Your Business

    Rewathi Innovations Pvt. Ltd. can make your website ADA compliance ready. ADA 508 compliance are standards given by The Americans with Disability Act. This can provide your website a great success. It is a legal compliance which is necessary for banking sector, financial institutions, insurance companies, government portals and ecommerce websites. This is to make sure that the website is accessible by everyone.
    Millions of people in the world are suffering with some disabilities. This act is passed to ensure that their requirements are also getting fulfilled. If you need to make your website ADA available now, versus later, Rewathi Innovations can assist. We also offer WordPress ADA compliance and many other for any kind of website.
    Our team implements the best ADA compliance tools and strategies to make sure the results are outstanding. If you want to check whether your website is satisfying the requirements of ADA compliance. We have a team of professionals, your website will go through an ADA compliance website checklist. Our team is expert in making your website ADA compliance friendly.
    With our ADA consistent benefits, our accomplished website design and development group can guarantee your webpage fulfills ADA guidelines. According to the reports of World Health Organization (WHO), 15% of the world’s population is living with some disability. Make sure that you and your business is not losing potential customers.
    These people do also needs your products and services, you just have to take a little step to reach them. Take advantage of ours ADA website compliance services and raise your business revenue. There is a link between SEO and Website accessibility, accessible websites ranks good on search engines.
    We are here to make your website accessible by our ADA compliance AI services. Contact us for a detailed discussion and make your business grow with us.

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    Rewathi Innovations`s clients and their results are the best proof that our methodologies work. But we’ve also received numerous awards and praise from the media and our peers.

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