Backlinks are likely to remain the vital metrics for ranking algorithms in the upcoming years. While that being said, the SEO scenario is evolving rapidly and has gotten more complicated over the years, thanks to many parameters like Content marketing and Social Media signals that are gaining a prominent reputation.

In this post, we will take an unbiased dive into the perspective of both Link Building and Content Writing and Marketing, both of which has proven their mettle for acquiring SEO rankings.

  1. Trust Factor: – Search Engines are always trying to gauge the authenticity of a website to rank it for specific keywords. Both Link Building and Content Marketing are known to influence the SEO rankings. As far as trust factor goes, Content Marketing has more edge over Link building. Quality Content engages people and reduces Bounce Rate tremendously. However, it does have its significant cons as content can only be posted to the single website to avoid the plagiarism issues. This is where Link Building comes in spreading the material which we will elaborate in the next point.
  2. Spreading: – To influence the rankings, Content (with appropriate keywords) needs to be viral on various websites. Since a high-quality content can only be published on a single domain, Link Building helps in spreading the material on multiple domains with redirection back to the original domain.
  3. Difficulty: – As far as implementation is concerned, both Link Building and Content Marketing require massive efforts. However, Link building is significantly harder, and the results aren’t noticeable for months whereas Content Marketing can gain you, instant visitors, thereby helping your website to catch attention from individuals of targeted niches.
  4. Quantifying Value: – Gauging the value of a backlink isn’t easy whereas, with Content, one can easily count metrics such as some views. The CMO can quickly prepare a report where a particular piece of content has yielded x amount of Dollars to the client.
  5. Guard against Google Updates: – Google is rapidly refining its search engine algorithm, and its updates are now rolled out without any official announcements. Needless to say but this has caused much panic in the SEO community. While most of the websites that get negatively impact from Google Updates does implement a lot of non-white hat tactics, some of the sites which have notched up in rankings from white hat techniques get negatively affected too.

White Hat Link building done aggressively can also invite the wrath of search engine updates. This is where Content Marketing reaps in tremendous benefits. Not only it grabs visitors and shares but also stays unaffected from search engine updates.


Although content marketing may be more comfortable and less time consuming, its efficacy stays underrated without equally effective link building. At Rewathi, our SEO team is geared towards quality link building and Content Marketing in order to achieve rankings at the earliest.

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