How ON Page SEO Services Works

When it comes to SEOing your site, there is no substitute for link building and other off page activities. They are the core essentials for gaining the rankings and are likely to stay so in the foreseeable future.

The impacting On-Page SEO factors have diminished slowly over the period of years; however, they are vital for maintaining top rankings on Google. In this post, we will provide the important On Page SEO factors that help in driving massive traffic to your website.

Longer content and subheadings

The need for more significant content has skyrocketed in recent years. not only bigger, but content needs to be informative especially of the landing pages.

There is only a fraction of time to hook the user and to sell your services to him. According to the reputed survey, blog posts need to have between 2500 – 3000 words for informative queries. Power words with a compelling Call to Action button is the key these days.

Longer content needs to have subheadings preferably in H2 and H3 format. Subheadings allow users to locate their required information without going through the entire content.

Updating the Sitemap

With increasing no of web pages on your website, it is essential to update your XML sitemap file from time to time.

Using the HTML tables

The content format which is feasible to the users has evolved over the period of years. Paragraphs and subheadings still do a fantastic job in delivering the quality reading experience. These days, HTML tables are the preferred way of providing quality information especially if the answers are straight and direct.

Rich Snippets

When there is the availability of enhanced data description in search engines, why not take advantage of it? Rich snippets allow for more CTR, more conversions and they have become increasingly important ever since the rollout Humming Bird update and Rank Brain algorithm. There is a tremendous opportunity to score tons of traffic using the microdata as only one-third of web pages have incorporated the schema mark up till now.


User navigation is now of vital importance for engaging customers.

Adding Breadcrumbs may seem to be little importance, but from an SEO point of view, it allows your user to browse your website even more than usual.

Keyword Centric

It is vital to include only a couple of main and LSI keywords in your content. The content needs to be targeted to the people, not to the search engines. Landing page content needs to be to the point within 2 – 3 % keyword density range.

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