SEO is rapidly changing day by day, month by month and year by year. Although the core strategies for any aspect of SEO are likely to remain the same, every year new tweaks in SEO an individual to gain advantage over the competitors.

In this post, we will list out some of important on page parameters which you should definitely implement in your 2019 SEO strategy.

Click through ratio

Click through ratio

In order to achieve a high CTR, your website needs to have an attractive meta title and meta description. It is important that unlike in previous years, where the metas were filled with numerous keywords, the metas are provided with relevant information which entices the user to click onto your website.

Mobile Speed Optimization
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Mobile Speed Optimization

As the whole world is getting digitized, it is important that information is easily accessible to your audiences. We humans are more impatient than ever before. A website which does not open up within 3 seconds is likely to not receive quality traffic.

Mobile speed optimization is easy and does not take too much time provided you don’t have thousands of pages (which then of course will take a mammoth time)

However, make sure that in order to decrease the page loading time, you do not compress the images too much otherwise their quality is likely going to fade.

Rich Snippets
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Rich Snippets

Do you want Google to show some meaningful information from your webpages? Start using rich snippets. No matter what your business is, there is something valuable information which can showed via rich snippets. Websites which show rich snippets have more Click through rate.

Crawl Budget
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Crawl Budget

You always want to respect the crawl budget for search engines, especially that of Google. Some of your webpages are likely to be important in Google’s eyes. You should prevent pages from indexing which according to you won’t serve the users as much as the other pages. This can be done using the robots. Txt file. You need to enter the urls along with the syntax to tell Google and other search engines bot about not indexing the certain url.

Using Rel = Canonical
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Using Rel = Canonical

Your website is likely to have webpages which may contain similar content. You should , in such case always specify which webpage should Google consider as the original one.

The canonical tag is also used when you want a particular version of your URL to be indexed by Google. Remember, a website starting with http:// or www.  Is one and the same thing. If you do not use the Rel = canonical tag, then Google is likely to consider the two versions of the webpage as duplicate of each other.

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Sitemap.xml and sitemap.html

Sitemap allows the search engines to know the architecture of your website much more easily. Think about this in a way. Google bot comes to your website and visit each and every page. It then has to figure out the hierarchy of your website by visiting each and every page. This is where Sitemap can help Google and other search engines in knowing the hierarchy of a website. Sitemaps comes in two formats; Html and XML. The one in HTML format is used for the humans while the XML format is used by search engine bot.

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Easy Urls

Always use Urls that so that the human can easily understand the type of page and its content just by seeing it.

optimization reduction optimization
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Image Optimization

You always want to use minimum sized images (not images that get fade though) so that your page load time can be decreased. Why give search engines an opportunity to rank your website down? Less sized images also take allows more space your hosting server which apparently charge a significant amount just for providing space.

Keyword Density

Every webpage needs to have keyword for which you want to target for. Keyword density should stay anywhere in between 2 – 3%. However, along with the main keywords, LSI keywords needs to be sprinkled appropriately so that your website does not appear as spam to the search engines.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking does not have a direct influence on the ranking of the keywords, however, it compels the users to stay on your website to read more interesting topics. A 1000 word content on a page should have 4 to 8 internal links on it.

External Linking

External links helps the search engines to know the relevancy of your content. By having external links, you are likely to give credits to reference content from where you have shared facts, figures, peer reviewed and other analytical data.

A theme of keywords for particular page

Your main as well as LSI keywords should always be used for a particular page. If your website is the initial stages, you surely do not want Google to confuse between multiple pages due to the same set of keywords on them.


Breadcrumbs are always important from the user perspective. A user does not want to go back to home page in order to access a particular URL. Making the user to do so is not only time consuming but it also irritates the user. This is why Breadscrumbs are useful particularly if you have website with hundreds of pages, internal links, forums etc.

By incorporating the Breadcrumbs, you are likely to notice a significant improvement in the Bounce rate.

Other factors which Google takes into consider

  1. Page loading time: - Ideally speaking, your website should take minimal amount of time to open up. 2 -3 seconds of page loading time is considered good in today’s day and age. People are more than impatient than ever and they are willing to go somewhere else if the demands doesn’t get fulfilled immediately.Google places considerable importance to websites which opens up like a breeze. Now, if you are getting a heavy traffic on a daily basis, then you should definitely acquire a dedicated hosting instead of the shared one. However, in you have budget constraint, then make sure that the graphics are not heavy on your website and that you have AMP configured for faster loading on smartphones and tablets.
  2. Https: - Https is an encryption which signifies to Google that visitors revealing their sensitive information onto your website should not worry about data leak and hack. Two websites having the same value in Google’s eyes will outdo each other by acquiring a https encryption.
  3.  Rank Brain: - It is estimated that nearly 30% of google searches are new ones. No matter what industry you are serving, there is probability to find newer and relevant information which the others are not covering. Find about them and write long elaborative content. You will likely the related keywords for them sooner than later but most importantly, your website will get attention from RankBrain which Google considers as their third most important ranking factor.
  4. Google Panda: - Google Panda is an algorithm that searches for duplicate content on the internet. Since SEO has become purely content-centric, therefore it is important to produce top notch content. Taking short cuts and duplicating the content from other sources will not only yield you positive SEO results but your website is likely to get penalize which can be disastrous for your business.

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