The last couple of years has saw an upside down change in the field of Search Engine Optimization. New and innovative strategies for ranking are evolving and keeping up with them isn’t an easy task. The year 2018 saw many updates from Google. Year 2019 is expected to be more tough for the SEO people as the need of the hour is authenticity and relevant information. In this post, we will suggest the best off page strategies that are likely to provide the most value in your SEO Campaign in the year 2019.

Backlinks: – Backlinks will remain the number one parameter for raising the rankings. The more the links, the better it is. However, the quality of the backlinks also matters significantly.

A link coming in from a website with DA PA of over 50 is likely to provide more SEO value than a link from a newly launch website or forum. The anchor text of the links also matters significantly. Quite a huge number of backlinks appears spam in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Use variation in creating the anchor links. Be aware of Google Panda and Google Penguin updates also.


Using Long Tail Keywords: – Long tail keywords serve two advantages. They usually have low competition and serve specific needs of a targeted audience.

Every product/ service has the capability to offer some specific needs to their customers. The SERP growth from the long tail keywords will tremendously aid in ranking up the short tail keywords which are extremely tough to rank in the initial period.

There are many online tools which gives an idea about the long tail keywords with low competition for almost every product or service.

Infographics: – The purpose of infographics is same as that of content. Just like content, they also provide something to read. So why waste your time in creating infographics and not in creating content?

It is because of the factor called engagement. Engagement is probably one of the most important factor which can outrank all the other SEO factors. No matter how bad your on page SEO is, high engagement will give you more results (both in long and short term).

This is where infographics excels than the Content. They provide more engagement to the reader. Don’t mistaken us, content is important but only if it is valuable and engaging to the reader.


Content and more content: – The need for content will always be there. Content is paramount for the success of your website in gaining rankings.
Content helps to attract more visitors and shows that you care about staying abreast to the evolving products and services of your business.

As the world is getting more digitized, the ones that will produce more and more content will have massive reach. However, the content also needs to be SEO optimized. Factors like readability, small paragraphs, relevant pictures and outbound links are essential parts of Content optimization. A content with a catchy title has always attracted more visitors. But in today’s era, a catchy title is not enough unless it is backed by extremely worthy content. One should try to cover an aspect or perspective of a product or service that hasn’t been covered by anyone else. As hard it may sound, you will be surprised to know how many catchy titles can be thought of by keeping this in mind. However, make sure that your content is far from plagiarism.

Press Releases: – Press Releases are important from a number of aspects. Firstly, being digital, they attract a lot of attention from the search engines. Not only that, they also acquire the attention of the influencers in your business niche.

Press Releases also help in building and sustaining the brand image. But where do Press Releases play a significant role is in announcing the new products and services. When the print media was in heavy demands (it still is but not like before), press releases often landed in the dustbin if the journalists didn’t view them as worthy of publishing in the paper.

Now with everything shifting towards the digital platform, every Press Release has the power to reach millions of people around the world with the click of a single mouse button. With so much engagement, your keywords are likely to gain a lot of traction in the SERP rankings.

Business Listings and Citations: – More and more people are now searching for a product or service on the online platform than ever before. Google searches on phone instantly allows the visitor to place a call through the “Call” Button. There are tons of websites which allows for free listings and citations. However, we believe business listing is extremely important.

WordPress blogs: – Free WordPress blogs are the best way to gain some significant rankings in Google and other search engines. As they are free, therefore one can take reap their benefits for ages without investing even a dollar.
But that’s not at all. Free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger (from Google) allows you stay in the hindsight if the links are of not high quality. If you go overboard on creating links on the free platforms, Google and other search engines are unlikely to be bothered about it. You can always redirect the user from the free platforms to your site which will keep your website in the good books of Google in case your SEO strategy involves creating tons (Genuine though) of backlinks.

Guest Posting: – Guest Posting is extremely powerful way of gaining rankings in the Google. However, things have become extremely money oriented when it comes to Guest Posting. It has now difficult to acquire a genuine backlink from reputed blogging sites.

Google’s guidelines clearly states that acquiring backlinks in exchange of monetary benefits is strictly prohibited.

An important thing to note regarding Guest Posting is that your link (preferably a Do follow one) should come from a relevant blog. Many people make the mistake of acquiring a link from a niche that is not even remotely close to the type of their products and services. Google considers the niche of backlink very seriously. A reputable SEO Agency will always provide a Guest Posting link from a relevant niche. On an average, a normal Guest Posting backlink can cost anywhere from 20 to 40 USD.

Google Reviews: – Acquiring genuine Google Reviews can provide a significant ranking boost in the SERPs. Most SEO Agencies make the mistake of not acquiring them in a genuine and authentic manner.

If you ever want to acquire Google Reviews for your business, acquire them from people whose location is spread out evenly. Reviews needs to be acquired at a comfortable pace. Too many good (and even bad reviews to rank down your competitor) appears spam to Google.

Besides Google, there are lot of websites which allows reviews. Even the forum allows for reviews, however, they usually don’t have star rating option.

Bookmarking: – Bookmarking is the traditional method of acquiring a backlink. Although, its efficacy has reduced drastically in the recent years but still if acquired from a reputable source, it can give a significant boost to your rankings.

The best time to acquire the backlinks through it is when the website is in the initial phase.

PowerPoint and PDF files: – PowerPoint and PDF files are the best way to get rankings to educate the people. Sites like Scribd allows free posting of such files easily.
Google has also refined its indexing ability over the period of years and can now index the content within such files. Quality PowerPoint and PDF files contains lot of images.

Again, if things appear spam to Google and other search engines, your website is likely to stay under the radar of any violation and of Google penalty.

Q and A sites: – if you care about building a brand and user engagement, then doing Q and A is the best way to achieve it. There are lot of websites where you can do even a live Q and A sessions such as YouTube and Reddit.

For answering simple questions, one can also use Quora which has gained significant traffic, DA and PA over the last few years.


Blog Commenting: – The need of Blog commenting is on the rise, especially on the genuine and relevant sites. However, most people consider Blog commenting as a way of acquiring link only and this is why they are unable to post a well-structured reply.

It is also important to note that Blog commenting should only be done on No follow websites. A blog that allows Do follow commenting appears no less like a spam to Google and other search engines.

Video Marketing: – Creating a video is absolutely terrific to create user engagement. A content of same quality is likely to get more views and engagement on a video than its Textual counterpart. This is why many brands are now more focused towards creating authentic video. Your users will be compelled to know more about you once they you have created enough engaging videos. You can then redirect them onto your website which will have more chances of lead conversion.

Social Networking: – Social networking is the easiest way to acquire backlinks. It is a free platform and hence can be used extensively without any financial input. Facebook, Twitter, Pin interest and Google Plus (now shutting down) are the best platforms to share news about your products and services.

Include Outbound Links: –  Your content needs to have outbound links. Outbound links helps the Google to know the relevance of your content and it also makes you look good as you provide some sort of link juice to the other party from where you take the reference. Even tools like Yoast SEO suggest you to put some outbound links. A content of nearly 3000 words deserves at least 5 – 6 outbound links.

Classifieds: – Classifieds are the traditional methods of acquiring backlinks. However, most free classifieds do not gain significant importance in the eyes of Google. Opt for paid ones. A reputed SEO Agency can surely help you out in choosing the right classified website at minimum budget.

Mobile Site Optimization: – This one is extremely important. Your website needs to load faster on mobile as more and more people are now accessing the search engines from their mobile rather than laptops and computer. There are various methods to do mobile site optimization, however it is important to make sure that mobile site optimization usually fades the quality of images if they are large in size.

Before doing the mobile site optimization, ensure to get a preview before final implementation. AMP are gaining significant rankings in the mobile search results of Google nowadays.


Photo Sharing: – Again, if we talk about engagement, Photos are excellent at it. There should be pics and images at every online presence of your business and niches. Most people submit their listings on Google without appropriate photos which doesn’t make it seem authentic.

Rss Submission: – Rss feeds are extremely effective way of reaching millions of people with a click of your mouse. Rss submissions are usually free and can be used for infinite number of contents.


There you go. We have covered twenty off page strategies that should yield a significant result in your OFF Page strategies in the year 2019. Expect to put in lot of hours for your OFF page strategies if you want to attain importance on the eyes of Google. We do expect the OFF page competition to rise linearly in the upcoming years as the number of websites on the web is expected to be around in billions in the year 2019 with the forecast of exponential growth in the upcoming years. On page SEO is good but it is usually the OFF page work that gives a massive boost in the search engines.