Search Engine Optimization

Do you know SEO is the cheapest way for acquiring traffic? Now become Google’s favourite website for your business keywords and enjoy tremendous traffic.

Rewathi has solid experience in achieving top rankings. Our seo packages are cheap and affordable which has served hundreds of websites till now.

We bring rankings to keywords which are heavily searched online. Imagine getting nearly five to ten leads a day through your website. It is possible with Rewathi’s Affordable Seo Packages India.

Get in touch with us and we will give free audit for your website. Get to know which keywords will bring in more traffic to your website. Our sales team is eager to help you with your SEO campaign.


Social Media Optimization

Social Media is the quintessential of oxygen for people these days. With its interactive ability, more people are now in the proximity of each other than ever before.

It is a powerful platform where you can advertise your services and get instant leads. Get more likes shares and engagement for your products and services through our Social Media Optimization Services.

With Rewathi’s SMO, your products will have wide visibility on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and other platforms which are widely popular in your country.

The question is, how many likes and shares do you want? How many engagements your product will get? To know these, we highly suggest you get in touch so that we can take a look at your requirements.


Pay Per Click/AdWord

If you want an instant traffic to your website, running a PPC campaign is the best solution. PPC campaigns work exceptionally well for B2C and B2B campaigns like E-commerce Websites, coaching Websites, discounts and offer websites etc.

Rewathi will provide you with the best keywords that will bring in traffic to your website. Our team of SEO experts will optimise the campaign according to your PPC budget.

If you are not sure about the budget, we highly recommend you to get in touch with us. Contrary to popular belief, a PPC campaign needs not to be highly expensive. Our team will help in selecting the low-cost keywords which should give your website plethora of traffic.

If your website is new, we highly recommend a PPC campaign if you desire instant traffic. A month or two of Rewathi’s PPC campaign will give your site ample exposure.


Ad Sense

Google Adsense is the perfect way of earning additional revenue. If you are a blog owner with decent traffic per month, Google Adsense can earn you substantial money beyond your wildest dream.

However, the tricky part is in getting approval from Google for the Adsense. But with Rewathi, you will not face any problem in getting approval since we are always abreast with the changing policies of Google.

Our team will make the necessary changes to your website and will place the Google Ads in the right places so that your CPC and CPC impressions are maximized.

Get your Google Adsense without any hassle from Rewathi. As we mentioned, all website and especially blog owners can earn massively through Google Adsense. Let Rewathi get it for you quickly. Call us


Content Marketing

Words are the basic medium for communication. In order to impress your clients, you need to phrase your sentences in a relevant and meaningful way. Writing quality words is a subtle art which helps you to acquire more leads.

At Rewathi, our objective is always to write informative and engaging content that helps the client to impress their prospects. We acknowledge the belief that every word either attracts or repels your client from buying your products and services.

Having difficulty in formulating the right words for sales pitch? Or you plan to announce your grand opening ceremony through Press Release? Worry not. Rewathi is highly versatile in writing Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Business proposal and Technical content.

It is more about understanding the psyche of your customer than using the high and mighty vocabulary. Through our Content writing services, our objective is clear i.e. to help you in getting more leads.