Meet the most robust Diamond Search WordPress/ Woocommerce Plugin on the market powered by RapNet

Fully Functional Diamond, Jewellery Website using Rapnet

Diamond, Jewellery Search WordPress/ Woocommerce Module with Ecommerce, powered by RapNet Instant Inventory is the most robust plugin for WooCommerce to showcase and sell diamonds & Jewellery.

Please note: This module requires a subscription from RapNet in order for the data feed to work. To find out more about RapNet on their website, click here.


Diamond Search WordPress Module with Ecommerce, powered by RapNet Instant Inventory for WooCommerce

A trusted industry tool for over 20 years.

Simply sign up for RapNet Instant Inventory, Download our WordPress diamond search module with Ecommerce, and install it on your WordPress website. Configure your diamond feed inside the RapNet dashboard and you’re done.

You can sort and select your diamond suppliers, choose from hundreds of thousands of diamonds, set your pricing and markups, and within a matter of minutes, you have a custom-tailored diamond inventory to showcase and sell to your customers. Grow your business and sell more diamonds directly on your website.

Our diamond search plugin for WordPress is a retail diamond sourcing app that allows retailers to curate a list of diamond suppliers for online shopping on their websites.

With this plugin, you can showcase diamonds from select US diamond suppliers on a retail jewelry website, and enable your customers to search for diamonds by indicating the specifics of what they are looking for.

Diamond Search Plugin For WordPress Features:

  • Manage Brand Colors  to match your website
  • Manage Diamond Vendors and Suppliers
  • Manage Pricing and Mark Ups
  • Fully responsive to fit any device
  • Direct integration with Woocommerce
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Responsive – Adapts to Any Device
  • Select from Major USA Diamond Suppliers
  • Easily Manage Mark-ups and Options
  • Integrates Seamlessly into Your Existing Website
  • Supports Videos and Images
  • Track Clicks and Conversions
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Connects to Idex, Polygon, Rapnet and JewelCloud
  • Take Advantage of SEO Benefits
  • Available for Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce

Please note: This module requires a subscription from RapNet in order for the data feed to work. You can find out more about RapNet on their website click here

Integrating Woocommerce WordPress with diamond data from Rapnet or IDEX. The integration will be like a separate Module or Extension Plugin

Rapnet login and Rapnet Instant Inventory subscription

More info on subscription can be found on Rapnet website

WooCommerce and Rapnet Instant Inventory API

Diamond & jewellery websites developed on Woocommerce ( A WordPress e-commerce plugin) require integrating diamond data from diamond trading exchanges like Rapnet, IDEXonline, MID or Polygon.

Unlike Magento or Shopify, which are built ground up for e-commerce; Woocommerce is a plugin of WordPress. It converts the blogging platform into an eCommerce shop.

Essentially the posts in WP are altered by wooCommerce to show as items/products; this makes it restrictive for customization. Furthermore, for diamond data (typically Rapnet feed may go into 50,000+ diamonds) with numerous diamond specific attributes like carat weight, colour, fluorescence, clarity, cut etc.; integration becomes complex.

As a specialist in Diamond Jewelry websites; Transpacific regularly receives project requests to integrate Woocommerce with Rapnet data.

How is Rapnet integrated with Woocommerce?

Rapnet Provides Instant inventory Restful web services.

Integration is a two-step process:

1) A WP plugin created by TransPacific Software  which on installation allows web services data to be pulled from Rapnet API and  pushed in the Woocommerce DB

2) Front end intuitive search engine with filters including carat weight, price, Clarity, Fluorescence etc.


Both the above offerings are highly customized for the host website.

Front-end UI design is integrated with the website’s parent theme.

The diamond search engine is highly optimized for speed and accuracy through multiple optimization techniques. These include caching, query optimization, and customizing it for mobile.

Additional value-added features like detail page, video (if available) , certificate pop-ups, compare, and wish list are also added.

Why plug and Play Rapnet Plugins available on WordPress Plugin exchange are no good?

  • They Cannot be customized as per your design requirements
  • Users cannot directly buy from your website.
  • Users can find the source of the diamond supplier directly
  • No SEO benefit due to the Iframe widget embedded in the page
  • Diamond data search filter customization is not possible.
  • No additional feature can be added eg. Share a hint or add to the wishlist

    Rapnet Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce
    Rapnet Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce
    Rapnet Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce
    Rapnet Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce